Windows 8 – Laying the tiles.

In an attempt to unify all their devices, Microsoft has come up with the tiling system. This extends further than just Windows 8. Anyone with an XBox 360 is well familiar with tiles as well as the new Windows Mobile devices. AND if that wasn’t enough, they even changed their logo for the first time in years… To what? Yep, you guessed it, tiles!

While evaluating Windows 8, I’ve noticed a lot of things that I absolutely loved and only one thing that drove me completely insane! Social media and e-mail was so easy, no need for an email client to quickly check your mail, it was all right there for you. You can see what was updated on Facebook without even opening your browser. My 2 year old HP laptop loaded faster than it ever has and all the devices i had installed were seamlessly compatible. I can’t say that this is the norm but I haven’t evaluated major problems with compatibility yet (I’m sure there are a few). Over all, nothing was too hard to find, and if i had difficulty finding a program, just searching for it was easy enough. Colors and settings were fun to explore and change, and the sleek simplicity of the menu’s was refreshing. Microsoft has always had of way of simplifying the look and feel of their new OS, or as I like to say “Everything is where it was on your old computer but now its prettier!” 

Ok, that’s enough  pro’s. Lets move on to the ranting part of my article… THE CONS! haha! I bet you are dying to know what drove me insane by now, well good because I could hardly wait to tell you! The START menu is annoying! As you know from previous versions of windows, the picture of your kid playing soccer or the cute kitten playing with yarn that you were so happy to see when you logged into your computer is no longer the first thing you see when you get to your computer. Its an ugly start menu full of tiles. you can still get to your desktop and your icons but it is no longer “home base”. The main reason this annoys me is not because I can’t regularly see the supermodel I have set as my background but it IS because the easiest way to switch between programs is that handy little bar at the bottom of your screen right now called the “taskbar”. To get back from the program menu to the taskbar annoyingly takes 4 cllicks instead of 1! Thanks for letting me vent, I feel better. 🙂

Another minor con is some older software made for Windows XP or Vista aren’t fully compatible… but such is life. Upgrade or use virtualization… no biggie.

It has been a while since i have evaluated the software but hopefully there has been some improvements on what I’m complaining about. Otherwise, good job Microsoft!

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