Windows 8 – Laying the tiles.

In an attempt to unify all their devices, Microsoft has come up with the tiling system. This extends further than just Windows 8. Anyone with an XBox 360 is well familiar with tiles as well as the new Windows Mobile devices. AND if that wasn’t enough, they even changed their logo for the first time […] Read more »

Malwarebytes or SuperAntispyware?

While both of these programs are good in their own right, comparing them is give or take. I usually recommend the paid version of one and the free version of the other. Why? Is it because I like to contradict myself (see previous post)? NO! Is it because I want to confuse you? NO! (maybe a little :lol:) […] Read more »

I have virus protection! Why did I get infected?

A question that you may ask yourself or better yet, your favorite techie!  😉 The truth is that the internet includes a lot more hazard than just viruses. There are other baddies and malware lurking about. Now back to the questions… “How did I get it?“.  Well you know those ads you see on certain […] Read more »