Malwarebytes or SuperAntispyware?

While both of these programs are good in their own right, comparing them is give or take. I usually recommend the paid version of one and the free version of the other. Why? Is it because I like to contradict myself (see previous post)? NO! Is it because I want to confuse you? NO! (maybe a little :lol:) Actually these programs both have Paid versions with “real time scanners” and free versions that require you to run them manually. So, its ok to have one free version and a paid version of another.

Reliable Technologies deals with a lot of malware after a computer has already been infected. Usually you can’t run either one of these scanners until you’ve unlocked your computer from the fake virus program that wants money or the FBI warning that has your computer in lockdown until you put in those magic 16 digits that are imprinted on your favorite piece of plastic (never do that because it NEVER fixes the problem). Malwarebytes has more tools to help free your computer from internet evil doers! SUPERAntiSpyware (from our experience) is better at scanning and finding malware.

My recommendation is to purchase SUPERAntiSpyware and use the free version of Malwarebytes to run a manual scan one a month.

The free versions of these programs only work after infection. If you have already been infected and cannot access your computer, you should get professional help especially if you have information and media that you don’t want to lose.

The actual goal is to not get infected to begin with.  That being said, the paid versions offer real time scanning (along with some other protection tools) that prevent you from getting infected in the first place. If you are turning on your computer, it is probably for a reason, checking email, looking for content, and/or helping little Susy finish her homework. You don’t want to be bothered with trying to “fix an issue”. Real time scanning (for those unfamiliar with the term) is the ability for a program to scan all files coming and going into your computer from the internet or otherwise. This is a big weapon against spyware. and will help you stay protected.

SUPERAntiSpyware the most thorough scanner on the market

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