I have virus protection! Why did I get infected?

A question that you may ask yourself or better yet, your favorite techie!¬† ūüėČ

The truth is that the internet includes a lot more hazard than just viruses. There are other baddies and malware lurking about.

Now back to the questions… “How did I get it?“. ¬†Well you know those ads you see on certain websites? Those are put there with a special code that comes from an ad serving host. Various websites and blogs will put the codes on their sites to make money (per click or per action) to offset the cost of running the websites. This is a great way to get compensated for running a website; however, the people that post up the ads don’t always play nice. They will try to find loop-holes to insert malware into the ad that installs to your computer.

Ok, so how do I avoid it?“…¬†EXCELLENT question, Timmy! While it is really difficult to know where you got hit from, you can prevent infection with one of a few real time scanners. I highlight “one of” because when it comes to malware protection, it is never “The more the¬†merrier.” its more like a food fight at thanksgiving dinner. The 2 programs will try to fight over which gets to scan the file first. This will slow your computer down and everyone will be upset because there will be no left over mashed potatoes.

Here are a few very good malware scanners:

Click on the links above for more information and full reviews on those products.

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