Hire a Hitman and Surfright!

I set aside Hitman Pro from Malwarebytes and SUPERAntispyware because its a breed all on its own. Its simplistic interface and ease of use attracted me right from the start.

This program is a real gem when it comes to security. From root kits to malware, this program handles it all and all you have to do is let it scan and click the “next” button. It’s seriously that simple.

This is the perfect option for someone that just wants to get the job done. Hitman Pro by Surfright is unique in other ways also. Any questionable files are optionally sent to their servers for testing. This lets the company “learn from you” by diagnosing these files as malicious or safe. A program that works, plays well with others of the same genre, doesn’t need any instructions, and has a community feel to it? A dream come true!

This trial gives you 30 days to evaluate and really put it to the test. No gimmicks… Its not one of those “We found your problem; now pay us to remove it!” deals… its completely free for 30 days.

Hitman Pro 3

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